Who we are

A modern cosmetics manufacturing unit based in Greece / Thessaloniki, which has been evolving dynamically over the last 20 years and expanding its services based on the know-how and feedback provided by the customers’ own experience. Our factory produces top quality cosmetic products under the supervision of a team of professionals who are distinguished by their experience, know-how and excellent knowledge of the subject.

Our philosophy is built on a relationship of sincerity and trust, which translates to consistency and continuation of evolution of production methods, backed by thorough scientific research and the careful application of beauty treatments, fully harmonized with European legislation (REGULATION (EC) No 1223/2009 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 30 November 2009).

We select a variety of top quality raw materials that are subject to continuous quality microbiological and laboratory testing and ensure that the colors we use draw their inspiration from the natural palette of the Greek landscape (sun, sea, nature). At the same time, we apply g.m.p (good manufacturing practices) and are constantly in tune with new fashion trends in the beauty industry to deliver a modern, integrated and technologically upgraded experience in cosmetic care and care formulas.

We design, develop and improve private label products to meet our customers’ needs and make them competitive through a healthy, functional and highly acceptable quality and value relationship. Our products meet all safety standards, meet all customer requirements and guarantee that your brand stamp will carry the quality, reliability and reliability of our service as an identifier.

Hellenic Business Registry Nr : 059311804000