Formulation, Production, Quality control and Branding


A wide range of eye skin care products, clinically tested and cosmetically certified by means of thorough quality inspections and advanced equipment and bearing our experience and expertise as an indelible guarantee stamp.Read more


Having conducted a long-term laboratory research on the matter, we offer a complete set of products for the sensitive lips area, focusing on moisturizing, repair and optimal facial expressiveness. Read more


Quality formulas, nurtured and thoroughly inspected in an environment of scientific study and design, are offered in a variety of colours and guarantee a glossy effect, both shiny and durable, that harmoniously blends with each stylistic choice. Read more


We provide a complete program of clinical care for the face, adjusted in every skin type and focusing on deep moisturizing, quick absorption and anti-allergic protection.  Read more


We provide a complete program of clinical care, that covers the basic, daily needs of the body in the most convincing manner. We take under consideration the age factor, alongside the degree of sensitivity that each type of skin possesses towards climatic changes, thus guaranteeing full anti-allergic protection. Read more


VABEAUTY‘s hair care range consists of a wide range of products in order to fully meet the needs of consumers. For protection all day from the negative effects of the external environment. Shiny and healthy hair all year round. Read more…


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